Hiking Trails

The trails within the Arrowhead Ranger District offer ample choices for all, from beginners to experienced outdoorsmen.

Before beginning a hike, take into account your available time, knowledge of the area, necessary equipment, weather conditions, physical situation, and the time of year. Please note that hiking trails may be closed without notice due to storm damage or other reasons. More information can be obtained by contacting the local ranger station:

Arrowhead Ranger District - San Bernardino National Forest
28104 Highway 18 - P.O. Box 7
Skyforest 92385

Trail Number Difficulty Distance
One Way
(In Miles)
Hiking Time
(In Hours)
Forest Service Trail Number
1 Medium 40 Varies PC 2000
2 Medium 1.3 2 2W08
3 Medium 2.5 5 2W07
4 Easy 1 1 4W07
5 Difficult 1.5 3 3W02
6 Medium 1.7 2 3W12
7 Difficult 1.5 3 2W10
8 Easy .7 .5 3W05
9 Easy .5 .5 2W09
10 Easy .5 .5 3W15
Cross Country Ski Trails (Forest Service Roads)
11 Medium 10 Varies 2N13
12 Difficult 5 Varies 2N19

#1 Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail - PC2000

40 miles moderately difficult
The Pacific Crest Trail extends 2600 miles from Canada to Mexico. Although a few marathon hikers have gone the length in one trip, most take the trail in segments over a period of years. The PC2000 traverses 40 miles of the Arrowhead Ranger District. It enters where FS Road 3N16 crosses Holcomb Creek and exits at Boundary Bridge north of Cleghorn Mountain. The trail is for horse and foot traffic only: all motorized vehicles and bicycles are prohibited. Entry and exit points are numerous, which makes the trail ideal for short nature walks, half-day hikes or day hikes. The most commonly used points of entry/exit are FS Road 3N16. Crab Flats Trail (2W08), Splinter's Cabin at Deep Creek, Highway 173 near the Mojave River Dam and at Silverwood State Park. Some highlights of the PC2WO as it winds through the Arrowhead District are: the scenic quality of Holcomb Creek and Deep Creek, the granite gorge called "Devil's Hole", the hot springs, the outstanding views of Silverwood Lake and Little Horsethief Canyon.

#2 Crab Flats Trail - 2W08

1.3 miles, moderately difficult
This trail begins 1/2 mile west of Crab Flats Campground on FS Road 3N34. The trail descends rapidly until it intersects the Pacific Crest Trail (PC2000) approximately 1/4 mile west of Holcomb Crossing Trail Camp. This trail will provide you with a variety of forest settings in a relatively short hiking distance. Camping at Holcomb Crossing Trail Camp is available. All terrain vehicles are authorized on this trail but not on the PC2000.

#3 Crab Creek Trail - 2W07

2.5 miles, moderately difficult
This trail begins 1.3 miles west of Crab Flats Campground on FS Road 3N34. Crab Creek Trail provides the primary access to Fisherman's Camp (a group reservation trail camp) on Deep Creek. The trail descends moderately westward crossing Crab Creek 1.3 miles from Deep Creek. Deep Creek must be forded to reach Firheman's Camp. CAUTION! Attempting to cross Deep Creek when it is running high can be dangerous and is NOT recommended. The scenery along this trail is exceptional. Camping at Fisherman's Camp is by group permit only.

#4 Seeley Creek Trail - 4W07

1 mile, easy walk
This short trail begins on FS Road 2N03 1/4-mile south of the entrance to Camp Seeley on Highway 138. You must cross the creek. This easy hike follows Seeley Creek to an overlook called "Heart Rock" which marks the trail's end. The gentle grade of this trail makes it an excellent walk for all ages.

#5 Hot Springs Trail - 3W02

1.5 miles, difficult
This trail begins on the north edge of the forest near Bowen Ranch (where you are asked to pay a toll to cross private land) and leads south to Deep Creek. Directly south across Deep Creek you will find the Hot Springs pools for which this trail is named. CAUTION! The Hot Springs water contains a rare and sometimes fatal disease called amoebic meningoeucephalitis. It is advisable not to submerse your head as eyes, ears, nose and mouth are all possible portals of entry for infections. More information is available in the "Deep Creek" handout.

#6 North Shore National Recreational Trail - 3W12

1.7 miles, moderately difficult
This trail is best reached by starting at the beginning of FS Road 2N25 between North Shore Campground and Papoose Lake. To reach 2N25, turn east on Torrey Road opposite the Lake Arrowhead Marina. Turn at first left and follow the dirt road 1/2 mile to where you reach the trail head on the east (right) side of 2N25. The trail descends gently through a mixed conifer forest and settles finally along Little Bear Creek where you will reach FS Road 2N26Y after 1 mile.

#7 Little Green Valley Trail - 2W10

1.5 miles, difficult
This trail begins on the north side of Highway 18 between the two entrances to Snow Valley Ski area. Little Green Valley Trail climbs steeply to the north until you reach a meadow at FS Road 2N19. This trail provides you with outstanding views of Snow Valley and Slide Peak.

#8 Heaps Peak Arboretum Trail - 3W05

0.7 mile, easy walk
This interpretive trail is located 1.4 miles east of Skyforest on Highway 18. The trail is an easy walk for all ages that takes you through a self-guided tour with 24 points of interest about native plants and wildlife. The site was constructed and is maintained by volunteers from the Rim of the World Interpretive Association. A donation is requested for those keeping the Arboretum trail guide.

#9 Trail of the Phoenix - 2W09

0.5 mile, easy walk
This paved nature trail begins at the entrance of the National Children's Forest off Keller peak Road. The trail is specifically designed and maintained to accommodate the needs of the visually and physically disabled. The trail maintains a grade of 5% or less. All interpretive signs are in distinctive print and braille.

#10 Indian Rock Trail - 3W15

0.5 mile, easy walk
This trail begins immediately east of Rock Camp station on Highway 173. The trail leads to bedrock mortars used by the Serrano Indians to grind acorns and to make flour. The Serrano came to this area each spring because of the plentiful acorn crop and the mild weather. Bedrock mortars were formed by the grinding action of mono and pestel stones. It was much easier to use these large bedrock slabs rather than carry a mortar stone with them, but they also did that in areas where such stones did not exist. A stone monument was placed on the site by the Lake Arrowhead Woman's Club to designate the historical importance of this encampment to the Senano Indians.

Snowshoe/Cross-Country Ski Trails

When winter blankets the Arrowhead District, there are opportunities for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing near Green Valley and east to Fawnskin. Blue diamonds mark the routes which are part of the Forest Service road system closed to vehicles during the winter season. Call (909) 867-4505 or 867-2338 for up-to-date ski reports. A word of caution: harsh conditions of wind, cold, and whiteout can turn an outing into a tragedy. Knowledge of the area, weather, route, avalanche areas and conditions, your physical endurance and equipment are essential.

#11 Snow Slide - 2N13

10 miles, moderately difficult
This cross-country ski tour winds 10 miles from its beginning at Green Valley Campground to Fawnskin at Big Bear Lake. The tour is long, but there are few steep sections. The snow is the most reliable in this area of the San Bernardino Mountains. The bottoms of three avalanche paths are crossed between 4 and 5 miles out of Green Valley so it is suggested that this area be avoided during and immediately after storms. Skiing is generally good between December and April.

#12 Little Green Valley - 2N19

5 miles, difficult
This tour rapidly climbs out of Green Valley Campground to the top of Little Green Valley Ridge. From the ridge top the trail slowly descends towards Green Valley Road. From here you can return the way you came, or you can shuttle back to Green Valley Campground. (Numerous unnamed routes of all levels of difficulty are available in either direction from the top of Little Green Valley Ridge). Skiing is generally good between December and April.

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